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Google Goes Green

Joining a slew of other hardware manufacturers, Google has announced that it will making a bigger move towards sustainability. While the company took steps to be more transparent in its environmental impact in 2018 by releasing environmental reports; Google is now taking its green initiative a step further. The sustainable solutions they are working on are:

*hardware and services will be carbon neutral by 2020.
*Made by Google products will include recycled materials also looking to maximize recycled content where possible by 2022
*Make technology that puts people first expanding the benefits of technology (Jones, T., 2019).

As of 2018, Google also announced they want to bring one million thermostats to families in need by 2023. This is how we will achieve our ambition to leave people, the planet, and our communities better than we found them (Megan, A., 2019).  This shows they are being socially and ethically responsible (Olsen, K., Veerman, B.).

How Google is Socially Responsible

Socially Responsible Investing - Chicory Wealth

To maintain its leadership as an innovative technology firm, Google must address the interests of its stakeholders through suitable corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies. The company’s current CSR efforts are comprehensive and satisfactory, based on international standards and expectations (Meyer, P., 2017). Their stakeholders included:

1. Users
2. Employees
3. Advertisers and customers
4. Investors
5. Governments
6. Communities (Meyer, P., 2017)

There is also details about how they need to do better in these areas and plan on doing more over the next two years. Based on the recent data, they are doing their due diligence in regards to social responsibility (Meyer, P., 2017).

Google and China, efforts to rewrite a tale, but with censorship
Google and China

Google had some issues with China in 2010. The company quietly developed a censored search engine for the country. They also participated in project Maven which uses artificial intelligence to interpret and categorize data for U.S. military forces, prompted internal controversy. Some Google employees quit, and thousands of others expressed opposition to work that could be used for weapons targeting (Sewall, S., 2018).

google legal

Google has had legal cases involving ethics issues with China. When a Web-surfer searched “Tiananmen Square” on Google’s Chinese language Web site in Los Angeles, reports of the 1989 demonstrations popped up. So if the same surfer entered the same words on Google’s Chinese language site in Beijing (at various times either nothing or innocuous history came up) (Heineman, B., 2010). 

In a post on its Web site from its chief legal officer, Google said that recent, repeated hacker attacks originating from China had compromised its intellectual property and threatened the confidentiality of “gmail accounts of Chinese human rights activists.” These events, Google said, raise issues of security, privacy and global free speech.  As of today Google and China have arrived on new terms and they shut down the site (Google.cn). Their legal team handled (Heineman, B., 2010.).

The four pillars of sustainability
Environment or profit?

Google says they are a working to achieve a positive environmental impact throughout their value chain in five key ways:
1. by designing efficient data centers,
2. advancing carbon-free energy,
3. creating sustainable workplaces,
4. building better devices and services,
5. and empowering users with technology (Environmental Report, 2020).

In regards to technology and other Google tools they are making money. So I would suggest they are focused on both, but seem to tackle these areas separately.


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