Digital Advertising Predictions

Top three trends to watch

There are many top trends to watch. For a more detailed list click Here. For now I have chosen three of my top favorites which include personalization, video marketing and social messaging apps. These methods are the top trends for 2020 and 2021 so far (Dave, N., N.D.). Given the light of our current landscape, technology will be our go to for a long time.

Personalization means using audience and data analytics to meet the individual needs of a consumer. In order to do this online communication and research is necessary and should be ongoing/never ending. The market changes quickly and as a marketer there is no excuse not to stay up with it. That is our job (Dave, N., N.D.).

Start by using your data to outline the details of who each of your customers is, what their intention is at any particular moment, and where, when, and how they’ve engaged with your brand previously. Then reach out according to that data. Companies such as Starbucks, Netflix and Cadbury’s have used this method and have seen increases in sales by using personalization with their content (Dave, N., N.D.).

Cadbury’s which is a chocolate candy company, has seen a 65% CTR for their email campaign’s yielding a 33.6% conversion increase. Personalized email have an open rate that is 3X higher than regular email. Customers today are gravitating toward brands that feel like they listen to them, understand them, and pay attention to their specific wants and needs. That’s where personalization comes in (Sitecore, N.D.).

The next big ticket item to watch for in the digital advertising space is video marketing. Some of you may be nodding off because the idea of video marketing is not new. Just hold on because I am not taking about the boring traditional videos. As a matter of face nobody is that connected to that method anymore (Dave, N., N.D.).

What I am exploring now are Live videos, Interactive videos and 360 degree videos are the new video marketing trend. Live videos can be done on Facebook and LinkedIn. They can be done direct with their interface or through live streaming resources like StreamYard (Dave, N., N.D.). For more information look up top video trends for 2020 or 2021.

Live video is becoming more popular with businesses across the U.S. For things like interviews, product demos and networking, it is bring people together while staying safe. One to one video is when a business or marketer creates a personalized video message and posts it or sends it to people as opposed to traditional email. Interactive video is where an avatar is used to explain things and there is a take button (click here or contact us here) connected to it (Dave, N., N.D.).

Finally the 360 D video has symbols or buttons that can be moved around to change the scene or go to a different area. This experience is on the rise. Think of this as virtual reality. This is where a human can interact with the digital media on a screen, mobile phone or by swiping their hands to move an object (U.S. Digital Partners, 2019).

This experience teleported the public to a Marriott Hotel first then on to a Hawaiian beach, which helped position Marriott as a forward-looking and relevant brand within the travel market. The forecast is one that marketers agree with. It will bring communication to another level literally and figuratively (Dave, N., N.D.).

Virtual reality could be effective for educational purposes, business exchange such as showcasing a product like a game or virtual boardroom etc. It is currently being used for Drew Barrymore and her new talk show SEE HERE. She has interviews with people that are at home, but it looks like they are on stage with her (The Drew Barrymore Show, 2020).

Social messaging apps are not just for friends anymore. Over 10 billion consumers and businesses exchange messages on Facebook each month. On WhatsApp there are 1.6 billion users and 55 billion messages exchanged daily. The top three apps are Facebook messenger, WeChat and WhatsApp (Dave, N., N.D.). 80% of the users are between the ages of 20 and 45. They are not going anywhere anytime soon (Wang, J., 2020).

My prediction for all of the above is that a lot of people are not jumping on the band wagon including marketers. Without some of the media solutions above and listed in the hyperlinks, we will fall behind in the industry. These tools and resources work (Small Biz Daily, 2019).

They can be used for yourself and your clients and also sold as a digital resource for them as a standalone sale. That is right. Along with making video content for marketing myself, I could build these videos, personalized templates and clickable links for my prospects. Either way we choose, to not try something is the only wrong move (Small Biz Daily, 2019).


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