Marketing Perspective – Influencers

What I notice about this type of marketing

I watched the 60 Minutes special Here about social media influencers which included Kim Kardashian, Logan Paul, Andrew Bachelor and a few other up and comings. What I noticed right away is the less is more approach. They are not doing anything out of the ordinary nor breaking any laws. For example, Logan Paul does crazy splits in the middle of nowhere and around crowds of people and throws his hands up. This has gotten him millions of followers across the world inside and outside of the U.S. Andrew Bachelor does silly 6 minute vines which are short videos. As for Kim Kardashian, everyone knows here just for being her (60 Minutes, 2019).

What strategies are they employing?

What do they all have in common? The ability to engage their followers with antics and entertain us all in ways that are simple and effective. Nothing is really thought out. They make hundreds of thousands to promote well known products and businesses throughout the world. Businesses like McDonalds and Dunkin Donuts are in a way being re branded through these influencers without having to pay ad money on their end and therefore they pay the influencers direct. This is in a sense ingenious. The strategy here would be to get paid while growing their brand basically for free (60 Minutes, 2019).

Roles these Influencers play in marketing

By promoting major brands, this gives a whole vibe to advertising. When a major influencer such as Kim Kardashian does her makeup tutorials the products that she uses from blush, eyeliner to the brushes increase that brands sales. She then in turn makes money when that happens. It is positive PR for the brand and income for Kim (60 Minutes, 2019).

How the use of marketing perspective impacts the relationship between the company and the consumer?

When a company’s brand is shown in a different way through a social media influencer, it gives us the consumer a fresh spin on the brand and makes us want to purchase. For the company it builds a new found confidence in their organization if they were having difficulty connecting with a target market. For example, maybe there are teenagers that don’t purchase certain items. When seeing an influencer such as Logan Paul or Kim Kardashian endorse the product or company, now they too think it is cool. This builds loyalty and trust between the company and consumer without it even being realized (60 Minutes, 2019).


60 Minutes (2019). The Influencers – CBS News. Retrieved from

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