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Microsoft versus Apple

I chose Microsoft Versus Apple for my Top Dog assignment for our week 5 discussion. the reason I chose these companies is because they are both very powerful and well known, yet polar opposites. Microsoft has had many competitors over the years including Gaming, Sony, Nintendo, and Google online. However, none has been as large as than their rivalry with Apple. This struggle saw the late Steve Jobs compete with Bill Gates for dominance in computing with the latter prevailing until Apple became the top dog thanks to their efforts in mobile and tablets (Watchmojo, 2014).

Brand Strategy differences

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Microsoft Versus Apple

Microsoft and Apple are both successful in the enterprise, but these two tech giants have claimed that success using different strategies (while also at times stealing from the other’s playbook). Microsoft focuses on ubiquity. Apple focuses mainly on uniformity, quality branding a style. Whether you are a Mac or PC fan, these two major players have pushed innovation to new heights (Watchmojo, 2014).

Although the numbers suggest Windows 10 is more popular, it’s also important to note that Windows 10 is available on more tablets and laptops than macOS or iOS, with greater options for entry-level and budget models. It’s easier to own multiple Windows 10 devices on a budget, compared to Apple’s smartphones, tablets and notebooks. These numbers don’t suggest Apple is failing in the enterprise — quite the opposite (White, S. K., 2017).

A survey conducted by Dimensional Research for Jamf, a company that offers management software for Apple devices, found Mac and iPad adoption are on the rise in the enterprise. Of the 300 IT professionals, managers and executives surveyed, 99 percent said their organization uses iPhones and iPads, while 91 percent say they have Macs in-house (White, S. K., 2017).

How the Underdog
Can Improve it’s Strategy

Competitor Analysis Essentials - DIY Basics

To clear up any confusion, Apple and Microsoft have been underdog at times depending on how you look at things. In this article Microsoft held it’s own and in 2017 Apple increased it’s popularity. It is all based on consumer need and what is popular at a given time. So in this next section, the advice given is generic and straight forward depending on who the underdog is at this point (White, S., 2017) .

One strategy that can work when it comes to improving a company’s underdog status to a power player against it’s competitor is a few things:

1. Increase ambiguity in the market place by making comparisons difficult.
2. Do the opposite of market leaders. Market leaders promote the status quo, but underdogs need to disrupt it. Market leaders need to increase ambiguity in the marketplace, but underdogs need to decrease it.
3. Encouraging consumers to challenge their current beliefs can also be helpful to underdog brands (Kardes, F., N.D.).

Why do Consumers Prefer the
Top Dog over the UnderDog?

Northern Alberta's 2018 Consumer Choice Award Winners

Brand resonance refers to a consumer’s intense and actively loyal relationship with a brand. Brand resonance leads to high purchase frequencies and volumes, feelings of attachment, feelings of brand community or kinship with other users of the brand (e.g., anyone who uses my brand must be a good per- son), and active engagement, such as joining a fan club for the brand (White, S., 2017).

Microsoft’s success in the enterprise hinges on pushing higher-end devices, like the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4, to compete with the reliability and durability of the MacBook. Meanwhile, Apple needs to focus on addressing user’s gripes with lackluster features on the latest MacBook Pro and iPhone 7. They also need to focus on multiple adapters and broadening its reach with more affordable hardware (White, S., 2017).

My Personal Choice

A Personal Choice | Think & Be Positive

Personally I have always loved IPhones until 2017 when I noticed the quality of the battery life and the heating of the phones after only having for a few years. Some people change their iPhone when a new one comes out. I hold onto everything until it needs to be replaced. With that being said, I still have the iPhone 6S and just started noticing that it overheats and the battery does not hold a charge for long. Therefore, I am thinking about changing to an Android like my husband who never complains about his phone.

As for Microsoft, I just trust it completely. I use Microsoft office online tools, laptops and macbooks. My son and husband have the macbook. They swear by it. One of the most relevant advantages of buying Mac instead of Windows laptop is the powerful operation system – Mac OS X and iLife. The soul of the machine is loaded with unique and very useful features. It has a very elegant UI that is easily accessible and navigable (Apple Press Release, 2019).

The user interface (UI) is the point of human-computer interaction and communication in a device. This can include display screens, keyboards, a mouse and the appearance of a desktop. It is also the way through which a user interacts with an application or a website. So we are bigger Microsoft fans than Apple and consider them to be the Top Dog for our technology choices (Apple Press Release, 2019).

Final Thoughts

final thoughts

Branding, positioning, and other external factors such as visual elements influence consumer preferences for the top dog versus the underdog. Your customers are at the center of the process. We live in a time of unlimited choice. Whereas we used to have a few options to choose from, suddenly we’re overwhelmed with seemingly endless possibilities. It also doesn’t help that we’re bombarded with over 10,000 marketing messages a day (Sullivan, F., 2019).

Brands face the challenge of rising above the din and proving their worth. Once a brand has captured the audience’s interest, they want to know immediately that it can substantiate its claims. If not, they’re going to move along—and it can take a lot of effort and marketing to get them back. Apple is going to have to really step up to the plate when it comes to quality and not just a pretty packaging (Sullivan, F., 2019).


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