Consumer Who? Consumer You

The type of Consumer that I am

Hmmm, What do I buy??

A lot about what I am reading so far is about doing market research about the Consumer. I find it interesting that we do not turn that around. Maybe then we could readily find our target market. Let me explain. The Consumer is in the drivers seat and we know what we want. So with that being said, I am that type of buyer (AMCI Global, N.D.). I don’t stray too much unless the current brand or item that I like is out of stock or no longer made. For example, if I like a particular brand of jeans because of how they fit, I will just buy that brand. I shop mainly online and at local stores like Target, Kohls or TJmax. I feel comfortable knowing that I have a go to place.

I also shop a lot on Amazon for home goods and personal items. Amazon is the largest and most successful retailer in the western world because they built the best customer experience. Customers expect 3 core things when they buy products online:

1. Large Selection

2 Consumers always want to find the product they are looking for

3. and, of course, this product should be in stock (Jordan, F., 2020).

Things that influence my buying decisions?

My friends and family influence me.  Also, online ads through Facebook and other outlets sometimes sway me into buying a certain item. If I am looking for a particular thing, I may go to a store that I don’t typically shop at. Even if I don’t actually buy something, as we all are, I am most likely exposed to marketing information in the form of advertisements, product information on packages, opinions from friends or family, and brand symbols on almost everything. These things seem to matter at the moment only to realize they are not filling any void (Kardes, F. N.D.).

Things that lead to my buying decision

There are several stages that lead me to make a purchase.   I mainly buy when something is needed.  I don’t binge shop and I don’t shop a lot.  I have a lot of nice clothes and I shop once or twice per season.  I typically spend what I can so that is a factor as well. For some of us it is an emotional pull or a mental/cognitive state that we find ourselves being compelled to buy. Maybe a sad commercial or exciting ad. Whatever the reason, we are all motivated by something to make a purchase. For example, I purchased a car in 2018 because I had a lease that needed to be turned in and decided to pay cash for a used Acura (Kardes, F., N.D.). Need is definitely a major component for my decisions to buy.

How I am influenced by marketing research and design?

Customer delight goes a step beyond customer perceived value, suggesting customer benefits that not only meet, but also exceed expectations in unanticipated ways (Kardes, F., N.D.). My husband researches everything that he purchases which rubbed off on me. I look for reviews before I purchase something and I am more influenced by those reviews than how the item is marketed and the packaging.

I tend to stick to a brand that works for me. Certain things that we buy like toilet paper matters. If we buy two ply the toilet backs up. So we stick to the on ply Scottie brand. When it comes to clothing, I look for comments on the fit/style etc. Almost all companies have a review page online these days so it is easier to find opinions about the things we buy (Kardes, F., N.D.).

My Post Purchase Behavior

I tend to get bored with things like when I receive an order from Amazon it may not look like it did online. I also have things that still have tags on them and don’t know why I have not worn them yet. It is really silly when you think about it. We get bored and toss things or give them away or hoard. The idea that something that works fine should be replaced is now so ingrained in our culture that few people question it. I sometimes feel guilty about the items I have with tags on them and plan to do better in donating rather than tossing things. Even things that are old to me could be of value to a person that does not have much (Vince, G., 2012).


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