Branding: A Day in the Life Discussion Topic

I currently manage a freelancing business which focuses on digital branding through social media building and web management for companies in my area and throughout the U.S.  It is a start up so right now I have one active client and am working towards more freelance work through indeed and other websites that offer this type of work. 

My platforms

I have a Google website as well as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram. I am also on Alignable and Quora. I manage these for my clients as well. Facebook and Twitter seem to be the largest and most interactive resources that I use right now.  Coming in next is Quora and Alignable. I get a lot of traffic and have been utilizing for client connection along with LinkedIn and Facebook. I use Instagram and Twitter for my reseller webpage through GoDaddy our partnership.

Email marketing

I primarily use Alignable, LinkedIn and Facebook for client connection as well as partnership connections to have discussions and collaboration.

My thoughts

I noticed that the use of digital media today really seems to focus on our culture in terms of what we are looking for.  For example, I do not click on anything unless I am interested and that seems to be the norm based on conversations I have had with my friends and family. Social media is constantly driving information through our news feeds.  We as people use some type of device for the most part to connect to media.  This is something that will continue until the next best things comes along.

Social media is new age media

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Who We Are We have over 6 years of experience in the online marketing world. We focus on the heart of the consumer. After all, they are in the driver's seat. The market is saturated with a lot of distractions and we push our clients through the noise. With proven methodologies such as effective keywords AKA Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and an array of organic content that attracts engagement. We also can manage paid ads. We create and manage the following: Websites, Social Media Pages, Articles, White Paper, Graphics, Video, Written Content, Company Logos, Letterhead, Business cards, Marketing merchandise and more. I also love to create content on TikTok as a voice over queen on TikTok! Work and fun are important!

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