5.1 Blog Top Dog Versus Underdog, Microsoft Versus Apple

I chose Microsoft Versus Apple for my Top Dog assignment for our week 5 discussion. the reason I chose these companies is because they are both very powerful and well known, yet polar opposites. Microsoft has had many competitors over the years including Gaming, Sony, Nintendo, and Google online. However, none has been as largeContinue reading “5.1 Blog Top Dog Versus Underdog, Microsoft Versus Apple”

Marketing Perspective – Influencers

What I notice about this type of marketing I watched the 60 Minutes special Here about social media influencers which included Kim Kardashian, Logan Paul, Andrew Bachelor and a few other up and comings. What I noticed right away is the less is more approach. They are not doing anything out of the ordinary norContinue reading “Marketing Perspective – Influencers”

Digital Advertising Predictions

Top three trends to watch There are many top trends to watch. For a more detailed list click Here. For now I have chosen three of my top favorites which include personalization, video marketing and social messaging apps. These methods are the top trends for 2020 and 2021 so far (Dave, N., N.D.). Given theContinue reading “Digital Advertising Predictions”

Why is Search engine optimization (SEO) important?

My reason for using SEO When I first started in my career of online marketing six years ago after being in the administrative and upper management industry for over 20 years, I taught myself about building WordPress, Wix,com, and other websites. If you can build a WordPress website, you can build any web page. WordPressContinue reading “Why is Search engine optimization (SEO) important?”