Preliminary findings and limitations – FAKE COMPANY

How does market research support my organization’s objectives? Before we started our market research for the new product Ford Films, we had to do a lot of internal communication. During our briefings, we discussed our budget, the economy and possible unforeseen changes. We also reviewed market dynamics, technology and how it all changes. We alsoContinue reading “Preliminary findings and limitations – FAKE COMPANY”

Effectively Impacting the Consumer Through Digital Media

Whirlpool: Customer – Driven Social Media Meeting the wants and needs of the target audience Whirlpool wanted to change the conversation and give consumers a reason and interest to engage with the brand beyond the product. Research found that consumers often lost sight of the value of the care that they provided their families inContinue reading “Effectively Impacting the Consumer Through Digital Media”

We Are Here Where We Belong

It is a New Day <p value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">Recently, the world changed and it did so to what may seem to many of us overnight. This new virus that is dominating the U.S. has slowed down if not brought our economy to a halt. With that being said, if there were any doubtsContinue reading “We Are Here Where We Belong”

Going Green with Google – 2022

My Chosen Brand Joining a slew of other hardware manufacturers, Google has announced that it will making a bigger move towards sustainability. While the company took steps to be more transparent in its environmental impact in 2018 by releasing environmental reports; Google is now taking its green initiative a step further. The sustainable solutions theyContinue reading “Going Green with Google – 2022”